Another Noro Cowl

A knitted cowl made of Noro Silk Garden yarn, still on the needles

I have been working on this all winter, in between Christmas gifts, and of course I am posting this on one of the warmest days of the year in Ottawa (13 degrees Celsius) so far. This may end up being a cowl for next year, but that’s ok.

This is some old yarn, Noro Silk Garden (#421, I think) that has seen life as other projects and then ripped out because I am never happy. The label is long gone, but I am pretty sure this is #421 that I sort of “edited” to remove the lighter coloured sections. I wasn’t feeling the cream colours in the colourway, so out they went. It may be discontinued now, I haven’t bought Noro in about 10 years. I’m trying not to buy a lot of wool anymore because it has a tendency to cause hives for me, but I figured this would be ok for winter use.

A cowl knit with Noro Silk Garden #421, up close.

I am improvising the pattern. I might write it up, but it is almost not worth it. It is a couple hundred stitches knit in the round, with alternating knit and purl rows in different orders. I keep it as simple as possible with self-striping yarns, since details can get lost. I like it so far, probably another couple inches and I’ll call it a day.

Feel free to check it out on my Ravelry too!

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