Holy shit, hello!

If you are still reading or visiting Knitting is my Boyfriend in 2022, thank you!

You are not imagining things, this is a blog post. I was gone for a long time. I can’t remember exactly when this website took a backseat, but it’s been a while. A lot has happened. I’m not going to go into all of it, but some of it might squeak out from time to time. A lot is still happening, isn’t it?

I am thoroughly disillusioned with the big platforms and social media bullshit, so I am retreating back into my little space. I don’t know if people still care about blogs, but I guess we’ll see. Feel free to drop a comment with a link if you’re still blogging somewhere, I am always looking for good blogs to read.

The intent of Knitting is my Boyfriend is the same – it’s a place for my projects and maybe some other things I feel like talking about. You can engage or not, I don’t mind either way. Harassment, abuse, and generally toxic behaviour is not tolerated here. Take that shit to Twitter, they seem to be cool with it there. Or better yet, go to therapy. Either way, welcome (back?) to my blog.

2 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Holy shit indeed. My feed reader lost my feeds with the last update, so I imported a backup from 2018 and here you are! My blog is neglected too. I have a short list of post topics I could develop if I got around to it. We’ll see. Responding to the social media BS by shifting to blogs sounds like a good idea to me: Back to Blogs, Back to Blogging, Return of the Blog, Blog Resurrection, Blogs Reinvented. There needs to be a logo. 😉

    1. Hello!!! Yes, I had a sad day going through my feed reader and finding very few active blogs, but a few are still going. I am going to put together a link page, I’ll add you!

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